All mages have a bonus of +25% mana regeneration speed.

Dark Elf

Elf Mage

What is darker than a Dark Elf? Not much... the terrifying power gained through study of the dark arts has twisted these elves into pure evil. Wicked magic is their specialty, combine this with their extraordinary magic skill and you have the very best race for offensive magic.

Racial Abilities

  • Natural Mages: Academies gives 33% more Mage Level
  • Selfish: Cannot cast alliance spells on allies
  • Evil Worship: Increased success rate for dark spells
  • Temples count as 1/2 Guilds (mana storage and regen)

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Slinger 0/0 75 cr
Off Nightstalker 2/0 110 cr
Def Sorcerer 0/4 390 cr
Elite Nightrider 2/6 940 cr
Thief Assassin 0/0 275 cr


Winged Mage

Hard to see with the naked eye, this race is pure goodness. You're in luck if a Fairy is on your side as they are the only race that is able to cast "self-spells" on allies. Useful in team strategies and the saviour of many of their friends, it really is time to believe in Fairies!

Racial Abilities

  • Healer: cast self-spells on allies (race specific spells excluded)
  • Academies gives 2% more Mage Level per 1000 fame
  • Add: 1k fame decrease cost of dark spells by 2% (max 50%)
  • Fairy only spell: Divine Intervention

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Sprite 0/0 50 cr
Off Succubus 3/0 300 cr
Def Fairy Godfather 0/5 450 cr
Elite Fay Queen 1/7 950 cr
Thief Nymph 0/1 300 cr


Human Mage

Human scholars who became consumed with religious zeal and regard magic as the answer to their prayers. Hard to kill and twice as nuts, other races, particularly mages are wise to tread carefully around the order of the Templars.

Racial Abilities

  • 45% homes allowed
  • 1 PPA gives +10% Mage Level
  • Priest offence bonus: +100%
  • Temples produce one additonal priest per month
  • Can have 20 PPA

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Monk 0/0 50 cr
Off Knight 4/0 500 cr
Def Archpriest 0/4 380 cr
Elite Paladin 5/4 800 cr
Thief Cleric 0/0 375 cr


Cursed Mage

Through their fel ancestry, Tieflings have gained an innate talent for manipulating mana. This ancestry however has cursed them to lose their sanity, the longer they use magic. They are often hunted down before they can go on a rampage in their corrupted forms.

Racial Abilities

  • Corrupted cannot be trained
  • 0.5% of Warlocks become Corrupted per month
  • Failed outgoing spells kill Corrupted from the magical backlash (land / 50)
  • Increased spell damage by 1% for each Corrupted per acre, up to 25%

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Acolyte 0/0 100 cr
Off Felblade 4/0 450 cr
Def Warlock 0/5 500 cr
Elite Corrupted 6/5  
Thief Trickster 0/0 250 cr