All mages have a bonus of +25% mana regeneration speed.


Long revered by many cultures, Eagles have a magical quality that has evolved into magical ability. Many will hunt them, thinking they see weakness, many will fail... an eagle's defensive abilities are second to none.

Racial Abilities

  • Elude: up to 50% chance of enemies failing an attack on your tribe (accrues 10% each month, an Elude reduces this stacked bonus by 30%)
  • Each Home store and regen Mana equivalent to 1/3 a guild
  • Bird of a Feather: 2 months explore time
  • +50% damage on Wrath of XENE

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Nester 0/0 25 cr
Off Emesen 1/0 50 cr
Def Vendo 0/4 365 cr
Elite Anekonian 2/7 1,140 cr
Thief Razorbeak 0/0 300 cr

Light Elf

This enigmatic race of elves has arrived in the world of Orkfia from the divine realms beyond. Little is known of them, and they claim nor volunteer nothing of themselves, though their serene grace seems unfathomably ancient. Beings more spiritual than physical, they both excel in the arcane arts and are vulnerable to them.

Racial Abilities

  • Elendian, Matawaska, Lord of Harvest and Quanta give +50% bonus instead of +10%
  • Elendian, Matawaska, Lord of Harvest and Quanta cannot be voided
  • Mines and yards produce 150% of normal
  • Exploring costs 150% of normal crowns
  • Construction costs are 180% of normal
  • Waterborne: Mystical Rust deal 100% more damage
  • Ready to go: +50% starting money

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Acolyte 0/0 150 cr
Off Maia 3/0 300 cr
Def Istar 0/4 470 cr
Elite Valar Scion 2/5 900 cr
Thief Scout 0/0 200 cr


Human scholars who became consumed with religious zeal and regard magic as the answer to their prayers. Their sacred churches are blessed with additional powers and they use this power to root out what they see as un-pureness on others. Hard to kill and twice as nuts, other races, particularly mages are wise to tread carefully around the order of the Templars.

Racial Abilities

  • 45% homes allowed
  • 1 PPA gives +10% Mage Level
  • Temples produce 2 priests per month
  • Guard Houses count as 1/2 Weaponry

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Monk 0/0 50 cr
Off Knight 4/0 475 cr
Def Archpriest 0/4 400 cr
Elite Paladin 5/6 900 cr
Thief Cleric 0/0 250 cr


Wizards are tall thoughtful characters who are keen to discover the world around them. Not only are they handy with a spell-book but in times of trouble they have been known to use that magical staff to wallop enemies a good one too!

Racial Abilities

  • Tax income: +10%
  • Explore costs: -30%
  • Immune to dark spells from Human races
  • Guilds produce 1/3 research points

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Apprentice 0/0 80 cr
Off Templar Knight 5/0 400 cr
Def Sorcerer 0/6 550 cr
Elite Grey Wizard 4/8 1,220 cr
Thief Illusionist 0/0 400 cr